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Didier Drogba has teamed up with global players union

 FIFPro and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to educate African players about fake agents in the game.
The former Ivory Coast forward says players on the African continent often fall prey to fake agents peddling promises of fame and fortune.

FIFPro recently surveyed 263 players from seven African countries and found that more than 70% were contacted unsolicited by someone who promised to help them switch clubs.

Drogba said in an animated campaign video to players: "Please, I need you to hear this. Be very careful who you trust. Never trust the person who wants your money."

FIFPro added in a release: "FIFPro has heard many stories about players being approached by people pretending to be agents that promise to arrange a trial or a contract with a new club.

"The reality is less glamorous ... In some of the worst cases, players find themselves stranded abroad without money to return home."

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